Welcome to Black Art Racing

This site is currently under construction.

Black Art Racing is a free access online educational resource based on vehicle dynamics. It aims to collaborate all the nitty-gritty number crunching and present all the models as user friendly calculation tools, so that people without the technical background, or time to learn all the underlying mathematics, can get a real-time insight into how various parameters effect a vehicles performance. 

This aim is delivered by a suite of web tools focused on the physics and mathematics of setting up a racing car. The tools have been researched and written by myself, and have been designed to be as comprehensive and informative as possible.

A picture is worth a thousand words. How many is an interactive one worth?.

These tools will enable casual tuning enthusiasts to gain a real insight into things that were otherwise a ‘black art’. Some of the sorts of questions that can be answered using Black Art Racing’s tools:

  • “I wonder how changing the spring rates/roll bars will affect my car’s understeer”
  • “How much quicker will I stop with …. front brakes?”
  • “How much quicker does a short ratio gear set make my car?”
  • “What’s more important, torque or power?”
  • “What compression ratio do I need for 15psi of boost?”

These tools can present the solutions to those sorts of questions and many others in an informative, easy to understand format, without needing to know all the groundwork. They will be hosted on these pages.

At present, the tools listed under the page tabs are only represented by JPEG screenshots. Originally the plan was to convert the spreadsheets into Flash files, however I have decided that this isn’t really the best option for a number of reasons.  I am now learning to code in PHP, and will get these tools up and running one by one over the coming months.